During the spring of 2012 Betty Clark Mong, at age ninety-one, was in failing health. She realized she still had one unfulfilled, lifelong dream that she just could not let go of.  That dream was to have a book written about her life and her philosophies. Betty wanted to share all she knew about living with challenges and the best ways to help others with disabilities. And she knew who she wanted to write it. She just had to figure out how to find her.  

Weeks and many, many phone calls later she found her long-lost friend, writer Joanna Stark. She liked Joanna’s writing style. The combination of talent and sensitivity to disability issues made Joanna the perfect choice. Finally in touch, Betty convinced Joanna to take on the project. And that is how a short, blind woman and a tall, almost deaf woman began a yearlong odyssey, racing against time, to turn  that last wish into a book.  A Woman of Vision is a true story of courage, determination and vivid blindness.

Betty Clark Mong                                  A Woman of Vision
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The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.    ~ Helen Keller