Joanna Stark has been a public speaker for over 20 years. Her interest and life experiences lead to a wide range of talk and workshop  topics that range from nature, health, aging, disabilities, and more!
Six Ways to Tell Your Life Story
Creating a Fun and Effective Bucket List 

OR suggest a related topic that would be appropriate for your audience 
A Woman of Vision: The Life and Times
of Betty Clark Mong
Turning your Vision into a Dream Come True
Living with a Disability
Your Rights and Responsibilities
Speaker Information
"I came away from Joanna's Bucket List Workshop with fun ideas I am still using today.  So inspiring."
Bonnie Carson
"She grabbed the audience from her first words and didn't let go until the last.  We went through a whole gambit of emotions in 45 minutes and came away with lasting impressions. Thanks, Joanna."
Jim Peterson
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Booking dates openings after  March 11, 2020
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